The Power of Mentorship
Think that you don’t need a mentor? Think again. Search for a mentor or simply run into one, you will be able to change your life and business is you are meeting with the right people. I will share the experiences and the positive changes that have occurred for me with great mentoring and getting the right people to advise me. I can also tell you how you can too.

Getting Your Business Marketing Started in Social Media
Learn how to market your business with social media. You can start today to create a voice for your business. See where other companies sell, share and compete in the marketplace.

Are You Ready to Start a Business?
Are you ready to start a business? Are you sure? This presentation takes you through the though process to see if you are ready to take that next big step.

What You Need To Know to be a Freelancer
Are you ready to take that first step into self-employment? This presentation addresses the things you need to be aware of when taking this step as well as some tips to make it be successful.

Having a Partnership that Works
You have heard the horror stories about partnerships. Maybe you are in a bad partnership now? This presentation goes through what make a great partner for you and your business.